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The textile world is nowadays one of the most polluting and impacting on the environment: dealing with this harsh truth is necessary so that anyone who is part of this world, be it a large chemical corporation or a small craftsman, can give their own contribution to finally make our supply chain sustainable: we owe it to the ethics that we deeply feel inside us, but above all to the environment, to our children and in general to all future generations to whom we absolutely cannot hand over a compromised and sick world.

It was from this awareness that the project we renamed “Nature our Endeavour” was born, and which encompasses a whole series of initiatives that we have implemented to reduce the polluting footprint of our business, and the one of the activities connected to us. In fact, if we want that our personal effort is not David's effort against Goliath, all the links in the chain must understand that the small contribution to the environment that each individual gives is the fundamental prerequisite for being able to implant here, now and for future generations, a way of working that is sustainable and ethically right.

Below are the objectives achieved so far together with our partner "Process factory", who follows us on our virtuous path and constantly monitors our work:


outsourced processing within the district

reduction of the environmental impact of logistics, real support to the area development


production with complete traceability from finished product to raw material and formulations batches

production control, optimization and efficiency


products realized by subcontractors that implement the ZDHC MRSL and publish ZDHC Waste Water testing

reduction of toxic and harmful substances in production


raw material from suppliers qualified according to sustainability indicators, of which 50% with the higher rating

involvement and close cooperation with supply chain partners to reduce environmental impact


sustainable raw material purchases

support to the growth of ‘green’ raw materials producers


recycled packaging purchases

active participation in the diffusion of circular economy principles

Furthermore, by visiting our web platform www.bardazzicollection.it you will find a section entirely dedicated to sustainability fabrics, with those that for us today represent the best brands and certifications able to offer you a guarantee of REAL sustainability (in a world where certainly not anything that glitters is gold !)

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