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The company was set up by Alberto Bardazzi in 1983 : its first name was Alberto Bardazzi Maglia and its target group the small “pronto-moda” (ready-to-wear fashion) of Prato . The idea of producing knitted fabrics placed the company in a niche market segment, where Alberto was able to express his talent. The products made in those years are milestones in the history of fabrics and it is no coincidence that they are exhibited at the Prato Textile Museum.

They had a great impact on fashion and this led Alberto to change from being a sole proprietor to a limited liability company. In the following years he moved the headquarters twice in order to find a larger space while at the same time the turnover and the number of employees were increasing. In 2001 the financial newspaper “il Sole 24 ore” listed the Alberto Bardazzi S.r.L. as one of the best 500 companies in Italy and this was the most exciting period for Alberto’s professional career. In 2003 while doing new ambitious projects, Alberto died prematurely of a disease that did not take away his desire to work and to impress. It seemed the end, but it was a new starting point because the Bardazzi family was strong enough to draw motivation and stimuli to carry on with the company. Today it is run by a sound and experienced group of people and it is proud of having sales relationships all over the world.

The company celebrated in 2013 its first 30 years of activity.

Our collections

Despite the fact that the company “Alberto Bardazzi” has grown in recent years into a real industry capable of production on a vast scale, this has not affected the focus on product quality and our tireless will to search and test new yarns and finishings. Here is a list of our products: if up to few years ago our sample collection was mainly made of viscose for t-shirts, suits and jackets, today we have the whole range of jersey products you can find on the market with a special attention to our technical fabrics, nylon, polyester, but also cotton and linen muslins, cupro items and carding wool for coats. If you believe that in a garment the quality of fabrics is not only a feature but the key feature, then you are in the right place.


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